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Marc CullerDavid Culler

Brief curriculum vitae


Received the Seymour Cray Award from the IEEE Computer Society.


Awarded the National Medal of Technology by President Clinton.


Suffered a severe stroke while on a business trip to Star Technologies in Virginia.


Chief computer architect for a succession of companies: Culler-Harrison, Inc., Glen Culler Associates, Culler Scientific Systems and Star Technologies. He continued his research on digital speech recognition and designed high performance digital signal processing systems.


Professor of Engineering and Director of the Computing Center at University of California, Santa Barbara. The development of the On Line System and the Teleputer led to the selection of UCSB as one of the first four ARPANET sites in 1968. He began his research on digital speech recognition and signal processing during this period.


On leave from UCSB and working at Thompson-Ramo-Wooldridge with Burton Fried on the development of the Culler-Fried system.


Received a Ph.D. in mathematics under the direction of Magnus Hestenes, and was appointed Associate Professor of Mathematics at UCSB.


Worked as a mathematician at Bunker-Ramo Corp. in Canoga Park, California.


Worked as applied mathematician at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.


Married Susanne Kreith (1930-1997), an Austrian refugee.


Graduated in Mathematics from U.C. Berkeley.


Served in U.S. Navy.


Moved from Kansas to Long Beach California


Left home at age 13 to take a job driving a wealthy automobile owner from Kansas to California


Decided at age 6 that he would become a mathematician.  He carried through on this decision, becoming the first person in his family to attend college.


Born in a farm house near Savonburg Kansas to John and Lola Culler. He was the youngest of six children.

U.S. Patents:

4,837,682 - Bus arbitration system and method

4,837,678 - Instruction sequencer for parallel operation of functional units

4,287,566 - Array processor with parallel operations per instruction

3,771,141 - Data processor with parallel operations per instruction

Survived by four children, Marc Culler, Randall Culler, Kalyn Culler Cohen and David Culler; two sisters Alice Trout and Edith Gustafson; and by seven grandchildren.

Glen Culler Honorary Lecture website:

Description of the first interactive computer system for mathematical computation (Culler-Fried system 1963) and the first remote computer system (teleputer 1965):

An excellent collection of anecdotes:

Burton Fried's description of the original Culler-Fried system and its use by physicists, including Nobel laureate Bob Schrieffer who used it to solve integral equations related to the BCS theory for which Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer received the Nobel prize:

National Medal of Technology, 1999:

Seymour Cray Award, 2000, IEEE Computer Society:

1964 SRI memo announcing symposium on "computer-aided text manipulation".